Cyber Threat Management System
providing proactive protection

Compared to the conventional TESS TMS, the TESS TMS V6.0 provides additional features such as collecting suspicious files, YARA Engine-based malicious file detection, automated application detection/analysis, suggesting a more sophisticated security monitoring and response system against new threats including APT.
TESS TMS V6.0 provides overall monitoring and response to cyber threats by preventing escalation of damage with remedies to simultaneously relieve damage through early warnings, alarms, monitoring and analysis of cyber threats including internet worms, viruses, and hackings.

Major Features of TESS TMS V6.0

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Signature-based detection of DoS, Malware, etc.

Collecting and detailed analysis of suspicious traffic.

Establishing policies against security threats

Repeating detected information to Comprehensive Analysis System or Enterprise Security Management (ESM), and IPS block signal.

Detecting and collecting file transfer within traffic, YARA signature-based malware detection, synchronization with external APT solutions

Threat analysis engine based on
attackers‘ IP reputation information

Detecting / analyzing application level without any specific detection protocol

Internal asset information collection provided as default analysis function

Features of TESS TMS V6.0

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Next generation threat detection Sandbox Responding to APT malware through Sandbox Synchronization.
PCRE/YARA Complete support of PCRE/YARA/Application
Threat collection/analysis High performance packet processing Dedicated collecting card, Multi-core/Multi-threading
Threat detection raw data Collecting raw data of Snort/PCRE-based detection data
Collecting Files Automatic detection/collection of all files transferred through traffic
Visualization Intuitive User Interface Visually displayed data, and intuitive UI for various statistics
Reducing real-time analysis time UI for real-time event analysis
Encrypt SSL HTTPS RSA-base encryption detection
Expanded detection range Asset learning through application detection

TESS TMS V6.0 Line-up

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TAS 2000

TAS 4000

TAS 10000

TMS 300