Cyber Threat Management System
providing proactive protection

TESS TMS is a sophisticated security monitoring and response system feasible to various and intelligent cyber threats.
Provides overall monitoring and response to cyber threats by preventing escalation of damage with remedies to simultaneously relieve damage through early warnings, alarms, monitoring and analysis of cyber threats including internet worms, viruses, and hackings.

Major Features of TESS TMS

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Signature-based detection of DoS, Malware, etc.

Collecting and detailed analysis of suspicious traffic.

Establishing policies against security threats

Repeating detected information to Comprehensive Analysis System or Enterprise Security Management (ESM), and IPS block signal.

Other features of TESS TMS

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Minimized wrong or failed detection

Supplied with dedicated packet pumping card and S/W accelerator

Establishing defense system against unspecified attacks

Product validated with a market share of over 90%

TESS TMS Line-up

<센서에서 수집된 유해트래픽을 분석하여 종합상황을 파악할 수 있도록 합니다.

TAS 2000

TAS 3000

TAS 4000

TAS 10000S

TAS 2000NS

TAS 3000NS

TMS 200