Wireless intrusion prevention system
with advanced technology

TESS AIRTMS is a necessity security system for wireless networks, consistently monitoring a wireless network environment to detect and block non-authorized wireless devices, internal rogue APs, and access to external APs

Major Features of TESS AIRTMS

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Preventing leakage of internal information.
Preventing external access of an internal user.
Visitor Administration.

Rogue AP
Misconfigured AP
Smartphone AP

Hacking Device
DoS Attack
WEP Cracking

Features of TESS AIRTMS

<센서에서 수집된 유해트래픽을 분석하여 종합상황을 파악할 수 있도록 합니다.

  • Detection/Prevention 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax wireless LAN protocols
  • Latest wireless standard technology Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) Detection/Prevention

  • Quick detection at the verification stage for L2 Sessions between AP and the station attempting an attack and, to quickly block the specific session (within 1 seconds)

  • Detecting/Blocking AD-HoC settings of an internal user and external station connection
  • Selective blockage according to verification status during AD-HoC generation

  • Even under a network error, the WIPS sensor sustains its function according to the established security policy
  • The largest number of dedicated wireless development and technical personnel in Korea

  • Supports all vendors for synchronization with AP Controller (API/SNMP synchronization is available)
  • Automatic Registration of authorized AP and authorized Users to AIRTMS
  • AP Controller (Cisco, Aruba, Samsung)
  • Authentication Server (AirCUVE)

  • Automatic implementation of MDM protocol and function when a wireless device user enters a WIPS sensor area
  • Provides message specifying cause of blockage through MDM agent when blocking through WIPS sensors

  • Synchronization with Geniance NAC
  • Synchronized items: station automatic authentication, device user registration.

  • In the event of a wireless threat using PMF (the latest wireless security technology that ignores de-auth packets that are not negotiated between AP-Terminal), it is impossible to selectively block with existing WIPS

  • User-friendly dashboard provides operational convenience and secures visibility of internal wireless infrastructure

  • When AIRTMS and TESS TMS are operated simultaneously, integrated wired and wireless management through TMS manager is possible -> Manpower saving effect, information security, and management system can be implemented

  • CMS (Central Management System) server support ensures optimal management server scalability and enables real-time detection/analysis and policy distribution


<센서에서 수집된 유해트래픽을 분석하여 종합상황을 파악할 수 있도록 합니다.


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Wi-Fi 6E supported models

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