Provided by Kornic Glory and Symantec
Security Risk Management System for Enterprises

The DeepSight Korean service is a security risk management system for enterprises provided by Kornic Glory and Symantec. DeepSight is currently protecting over 20,000 partners in more than 180 countries.
DeepSight features information collection and data from firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) and provides data.

In fact, if a security risk elevates to the global level, DeepSight tracks the risk, provides early warnings and detail information on specific risks, and corresponding patches, in Korean, allowing users to comprehensively manage and efficiently protect their network in one glance.

DeepSight Features

Malicious traffic collected from sensors are analyzed to provide an overview of the status.

Korean Service to immediate and accurate information transfer.

Rapid information transfer and database website for follow-up management.